What will it take...
to create a world where every
child can live up to their potential
and prosper?
What will it take to create
a world where every child
can live up to their
potential and prosper?

We create opportunities

We are committed to bridging the gap between a challenging past and a promising future. Since 2009, the Moshal Program has been dedicated to enabling individuals to transform their lives through higher education.

We are a social transformation organization which provides opportunities to promising individuals, and then supports them as they overcome their unique challenges and build prosperous futures for themselves.

The Moshal Program is about more than providing funding to study or helping financially disadvantaged young people gain access to higher education: it focuses on those who would not have access to such opportunities, but Moshal scholars are selected for their potential, which shines through.

The Moshal Alumni

A powerful community

The Moshal Program is proud to have 1,000 alumni from Israel and South Africa, with 300 new graduates joining this growing community each year.

The essence of the alumni community is that it provides mutual support and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Having all experienced the special nurturing of the program, the alumni enjoy a unique bond that transcends borders and backgrounds.

Nadav Ofshenko
Pediatric Resident at Kaplan Medical Center

Constant learning and development

Moshal continues to be a part of the alumni’s lives, as we accompany them on their paths after they complete their studies and for years to come. In Israel, our mentoring program, in collaboration with Migdalor – the Israeli naval academy alumni association, offers alumni at various stages of their careers an opportunity to benefit from the guidance and counsel of professional leaders in diverse industries.

Role models for young people from similar backgrounds

Globally, our alumni also head diverse socially-oriented projects that are propelled by the vision of creating social leadership and paying forward all the insights and capabilities they acquired throughout their Moshal journey.

Elior Bar
Civil Engineer at Yossi Avrahami LTD
Stav Levi
Software Developer at Monday
Ronza Swedan
Bioprocessing Technologist at Pluristem Therapeutics

Our University Partners


Moshal events offer the members
of our growing community the chance to meet, share and inspire each other along their individual journey.

They provide the opportunity for real connection, a chance to open our hearts and touch the hearts of others.

Founders & Team
Martin Moshal

Growing up in South Africa in the 70s and 80s and witnessing the inequalities in the country’s education system, Martin realized that education and support are key success indicators, and the most effective route out of poverty.

Martin is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Entree Capital, which invests in various technology and business innovation companies across the globe. He also maintains additional investments in leading companies including real estate, technology, and start-ups.

In 2009, Martin established the Moshal Program, aspiring to facilitate accessible education that will help those in need realize their potential.

Martin completed his studies in Economics and Finance at the University of Cape Town and holds an Honorary PhD from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. He is also an Honorary Fellow of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Yael Lavie
Co-founder & Chair
Yael Lavie
Co-founder & Chair

Yael established the Moshal Program in 2009 and has been Chair ever since. She is chair of the Bar-Lev High-Tech Park and a director at Maoz.

Yael is leveraging her business experience and expertise to create social impact, mainly focusing on inter-generational social mobility. She is very passionate about creating opportunities to those in need.

Yael has more than 30 years of international experience in business, real estate, and banking.

She has a B.A. in Economics and Management as well as an M.B.A. from Tel Aviv University and lives in Tel Aviv.

Jodi Bailey
Country Manager, South Africa
Jodi Bailey
Country Manager, South Africa

Jodi Bailey has been the country manager of the Moshal Program in South Africa since 2012. Jodi went to the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, where she obtained a BA degree (with majors in English and History) and an H.D.E.

Leading the Moshal team and program in South Africa remains a highlight of her career as it is a fluid, learning organization which continually strives to keep the students at its core. Enabling students to become better versions of their younger selves is what makes this work meaningful for her.

Tali Barash Bouskila
Country Manager, Israel
Tali Barash Bouskila
Country Manager, Israel

Tali joined the team as Israel’s country manager in February 2019, following a career in the investments sector, where she held various senior positions at some of the leading global investment banks.

Tali has an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a BA in Law and Business Administration from The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya. She is currently pursuing her studies towards a Master’s Degree in Educational Systems Management.